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Projects Completed Successfully



Loksabha Elections 2009

One of the major projects taken up at National Informatics Centre Doda was General Elections 2009. NIC Doda played a pivotal role in the conduct of General Elections 2009. The entire exercise of election was completed to the entire satisfaction of the District Administration. Round the clock support ranging from computerization of databases to dissemination of information was provided to District Administration, which led to successful completion of elections. Some of the major activities performed during the election were:

>>Preparation of List of Polling StationsTransport
>>List of Staff to be appointed in  the district
>>Randomization of Polling Staff/EVMs
>>Appointment orders for the staff to be deployed
>>Transmission of Poll percentage to concerned authorities

District Election officer lauded the work of NIC Doda in smooth conduct of elections

Beside the above mention task NIC DODA also provided IT Support in Assembly Election 2008  and Lok Sabha Election 2009 to two newly carved Districts i.e Kishtwar and Ramban

Assembly Elections 2008

Once again this office had to gear for the conduction of Assembly Elections in the State. Besides the routine jobs during elections, this office was fully  involved in collection of poll percentage from concerned authorities on polling day. Another job assigned to this office was the collection of counting results and passing the same online to ECI/Doordarshan. Election Observer, District Election Officer were among those from were appreciation’s were received.

Panchayat Elections 2011

Panchayat Elections was another responsibility shouldered on this office. This time the additional job of the centre was to prepare the Master Prints of Ballot Papers, besides preparation of Transport Plan, Polling Station List, Staff to be appointed and their appointment orders. The responsibility was taken as a challenge and the whole project which lasted more than 2 months was made successful and appreciation was received from District Election Officer.

Municipal Elections 2005 Necessary support / assistance was provided to District Administration in successful completion of Municipal Election-2005.

Bye-Elections 2006 National Informatics Centre  Doda was once again entrused the task of providing support to District Adninistration in Bye-Elections 2006 at 54-Bhadarwah Assembly Constituency. A softare was also prepared locally for deploying the staff during elections besides providing other related support to Distric Administration. The software was designed to deploy staff purely on the guidelines laid down by ECI.

The project was completed to the entire satisfaction of the District Administration and election observors.

Electoral Rolls Computerization

NIC Doda was entrusted the task of computerization of Electoral Rolls of District Doda. The project, which was spread over more than eight months, had two phases i.e. Draft Rolls and Final Rolls. NIC played an exemplary role in completion of both the phases of this project, with the result District Doda was the pioneer to complete the project. As J&K Election Department had outsourced the data entry process, technical support was provided to the data entry vendors inside and outside the District HQ. Software patches available from time to time were also provided to vendors. Preparation of PDF version of electoral rolls was also completed and the entire data / PDF files of both the phases were sent to all the concerned.  At the end of the job, District Election Officer valued the efforts of NIC in completion of the project in record time


Web Site

District Doda Web Site

Another achievement of our centre was the preparation of District Web Site. The Web site was prepared and hosted on National Servers of NIC at Delhi ( and Chairman District Development Board, Doda inaugurated the same on 9th of June 2001. Modification / Updations of the Web Site were carried out on routine basis and a new look is given to the Web Site regularly. The latest web site includes lot of Static as well as Dynamic Information pertaining to District Doda, which can help the Visitors, State Government, District Administration etc. to know about District Doda in any part of the world We at this centre are regularly on the Job to improve the site contents as well the design.



Treasury Computerization

Treasury Software developed by NIC J&K State Unit was successfully implemented in the District Treasury. Training is imparted to the officials of the Treasury on regular basis and as and when required.


Planning & Development

District Plan etc.

For the last number of years National Informatics Centre, Doda has been instrumental in preparation of District Plan for District Development Board Meetings. Documents pertaining to Review Meetings etc. are also prepared by our centre. Support is also being provided to Planning / Development Section of DC Office in computerization of their various monthly / annual progress reports.


Rural Development

Web Based Monitoring of Rural Development Schemes (WEBMORS)

Monthly progress report for all the Rural Development Schemes are being updated on the web site on regular basis

Demographical Data of District Doda

A Complete handbook containing the Village Wise / Panchayat Wise / Block Wise Demographical Data of District Doda was prepared. Besides this Annual Action Plan / List of Beneficiaries under various schemes was also prepared. Some of this data was also placed on the web site of District Doda

EnRich Based DRDA Web Site Requisite Date / Information was collected from DRDA for preparation of Web Site through EnRICH framework. Collected Information was converted to electronic form and was placed in the web site, presently hosted in Server at J&K State Unit under the URL Also as some of the Links were standard for all Districts, Enrich site was standardized for the complete State.


Social Welfare

Computerization of various schemes

Databases of various scheme viz. ISSS, NMBS, NFBS, NOAPS etc. of Social Welfare Department were also computerized by our centre. More than 25000 records were entered in NIC computers and reports as desired by the department were handed over.



Computerization of various Lists

NIC, Doda has been providing support to Employment Department of District Doda in Computerization of various lists (Selection / Interview), Computerization of Employment Registration cards etc. Some officials of the department have been imparted training to handle the software programming part also so that they can cater top their day to day requirements.



Sample Survey, Computerization of Frame List

This office successfully completed sample survey of the department. Moreover computerization of frame list of the department has also been carried out.



Community Needs Assessment Approach

Software has been successfully implemented in the Family Welfare Office and the office has also been provided dial-up connectivity for transmission of various reports.


Internet / E-Mail Services

Local Area Network

LAN with Structured cabling in the entire DC office Complex with a provision of 40 nodes and computers with almost all sections of DC office. The entire DC office has also been provided internet connectivity over Local Area Network. 


Training / Support / consultancy

All Departments

Support/Consultancy is being provided to almost all departments of District.

Training to Officials of the District is provided on routine basis.

Workshop on Internet/E-Mail was also organized by this office as desired by Deputy Commissioner.

At present all the officials of the Deputy Commissioner's Office and some officials of other departments have been trained to handle and work on computers.

Moreover some of the officials of the District have been trained to use / access Internet also.



Computerization of various databases

A Number of databases have been computerized by our office viz.

Village Amenity Directory
List of Polling Stations
Panchayat Wise List of Villages
Industrial Units in the District
Telephone Directory of District Officer/ Officials
Panchayat / Blocks Details
Elected Panches/Sarpanches
The Above are just to name a few of them.



Web Based Public Grievances Monitoring System (PUGMARS)-2003 Information processing is a major activity in Government Departments. Handling Public Grievances is the one of those major activities being carried by the District Administration as well as in all Government Departments. Monitoring each and every Grievance with the help of manual systems is time consuming as well as not effective when the Administration needs to obtain certain statistical information related to the Redressal of Grievances. Moreover, most of time of Government Officials is just wasted in collecting / searching the information, whenever a citizen wants to know the status of his / her grievance.

Keeping the above scenario in mind, National Informatics Centre, Doda has developed a Web Based Public Grievances Monitoring & Redressal System (PUGMARS), which is purely Government to Citizen (G2C) E-Governance interface. The interface can help the administration to monitor the Public Grievances effectively.
Compassionate Appointment Monitoring System (CAMS)-2003

One of the important activities of the District Administrations is the monitoring of Compassionate Appointments. These are the appointments made to one of the family members of Militancy Effected Victims. At times it becomes extremely difficult for Administration to consolidate Information related to these compassionate appointment cases when the higher authorities ask the same.

Most of time of Government Officials is just wasted in collecting / searching the information from the big dump of files. Either most of these files are not accessible or not eligible or destroyed with the passage of time. The result is that the information does not reach the concerned authorities when it is required.

Realizing the need of District Administration, Compassionate Appointment Monitoring System has been developed by National Informatics Centre Doda. The system is a Government-to-Government (G2G) E-Governance interface. The interface can help the administration to monitor the Compassionate Appointments effectively.

Relief Monitoring System (REMONS)-2006 Keeing in view the requierment of the District Administration, another e-goverance solution i.e   Relief Monitoring System (REMONS) was provided for effective monitoring of Relief Cases with the administration and the same has also been implemented.

Arms License Monitoring System (ALMONS)-2006 For computerization of arms licenses in the District, another web based solution was provided to District Administration, which stands implemented in the District.

Despatch Monitoring System (DEMONS)-2006 Software Developed for computerization of Despatch Section
Web Based Management Information System (WEBMAINS) integrates CAMS, REMONS , DEMONS and ALMONS and will further integrate other systems proposed / planned to be developed. This integration is helpfull in accessing all the applications with a single user name and password.

13 Information Technology Community Information Centres (CIC)-2004-2006

District Doda has maximum number of blocks in the state. With a view to promote Information Technology in the rural and remote areas of the District, Community Information Centres Project was assigned to NIC Doda. The project was divided into two phases. Seven (7) blocks of District Doda were approved under Phase-I, few of which were located at very remote locations of the District. Twelve (12) blocks were approved under Phase-II and the CIC centres have been established in  nine(9) blocks except Marwah, Warwan and Dachan. With this, a total of 16 CICs have been established in the District.

Effective coordination was done with the concerned department for getting the CIC sites prepared well in time and also with various vendors for installing the requisite hardware so that the CICs can be made fully functional. CIC operators were also appointed in all the seven (7) CICs. Necessary support and training from time to time was provided to CIC operators in effective handling of CICs. With this active support and encouragement to CIC operators, some CICs even started generating revenues.

Video Conferencing-2005 Video Conferencing was also got commissioned in the District Headquarter
14 Education 7th All India School Education Survey(AISES)

7th All India Education Survey completed in all respects

15 Passport WEBPASS

WEBPASS software successfully implemented in the District Passport Cell. At present all the reports generated by the software are being sent through E-Mail by the officials